Automating OmniFocus Tutorial Outline

Videos: Intro and Setup (7:04) • Settings and Console (21:00)

Here is the class outline:

Section A • Preparing for Automation

How to enable secure use of Omni Automation.

Section 1 • The Console

Each Omni application has a Console window in which you enter and run Omni Automation script statements and functions to query and control the host application.

Section 2 • Tasks in the Inbox

The Inbox contains your tasks ready to assigned, processed, and organized. How to create, reference, and manipulate tasks.

Section 3 • Due and Repeat

In JavaScript and Omni Automation, date and time intervals are represented through the use of JavaScript date objects. This section of the OmniFocus tutorial will be focused on the use of date objects with tasks.

Section 4 • Tags

This section of the tutorial will examine how to create, find, assign, and delete tags — one of the most powerful features of OmniFocus.

Section 5 • Projects

In this section of the tutorial, you’ll learn how to create projects, set the value of their properties, and populate them with tasks.

Section 6 • Plug-Ins

In this section you’ll learn how to create and install a plug-in that removes tags from all of the selected tasks selected in OmniFocus.

Section 7 • Cleanup and Restore

Returning your OmniFocus database back to where it was at the beginning of the tutorial.