Styling in OmniOutliner can be quite sophisticated, composed of styles that affect the entire document, certain types of content, or individually selected rows or blocks of text.

These are broken down across two kinds of styles: Document Styles (which affect classes of objects) and Named Styles (which can be applied as desired atop document styles).

TIP: Each template theme comes with some pre-defined Named styles, which you can use, delete, or edit to suit the needs of your document.

The styles you set for the various row levels, headings, and text all stack on top of the styles you designate for the whole document—and Named styles stack on top of those. If you’re curious why a certain section looks the way it does, select it and see the Style Attributes Inspector for a list of styles affecting the selection in order of precedence.


Instance Properties

Here are the basic properties of a style.

Instance Functions

An instance of style can be manipulated by the following set of methods, beginning with a set of commands for clearing, getting, and setting its style attributes:

Style Attributes

A style attribute is a particular property or characteristic of a style. For example, font size and paragraph alignment are two attributes that can be adjusted using scripts. Here is the list of the attributes of a style instance:

Style Attribute Instance Properties

val = Style.Attribute.FontFamily.defaultValue console.log("FontFamily: " + val) val = Style.Attribute.FontName.defaultValue console.log("FontName: " + val) val = Style.Attribute.FontSize.defaultValue console.log("FontSize: " + val) val = Style.Attribute.FontWeight.defaultValue console.log("FontWeight: " + val) clr = Style.Attribute.FontFillColor.defaultValue console.log("FontFillColor: " + [,,]) clr = Style.Attribute.FontStrokeColor.defaultValue console.log("FontStrokeColor: " + [,,]) val = Style.Attribute.FontStrokeWidth.defaultValue console.log("FontStrokeWidth: " + val) val = Style.Attribute.FontCondensed.defaultValue console.log("FontCondensed: " + val) val = Style.Attribute.FontItalic.defaultValue console.log("FontItalic: " + val) val = Style.Attribute.FontNarrow.defaultValue console.log("FontNarrow: " + val)
style = document.outline.levelStyle(0) style.set(Style.Attribute.FontSize, Style.Attribute.FontSize.defaultValue)


A class whose properties indicate how the text is to be underlined.



A class whose properties indicate how the line pattern to be used in underlining text.



Underline style specifiers.



A class whose properties indicate the set of ligatures to be applied to the text.



A class whose properties indicate the text alignment options for the styled paragraphs.



A class whose properties indicate the available writing directions to use for the styled text.


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