OmniJS Videos

A good way to understand the power of OmniJS is to watch it in action. These videos demonstrate the use of OmniJS on both the macOS and iOS platforms.

Outline to Slides

Using OmniJS to create slides in the current OmniGraffle document for each of the topics in the current OmniOutliner outline.

Tag and Import into Containers using Web-Data

Using OmniJS scripts embedded in a webpage to tag containers in an OmniGraffle document with metadata, and then to import images into the tagged containers based upon URLs placed in their metadata.

Heat-Mapping using Web-Data

Using embedded OmniJS links to add a map of the United States to an OmniGraffle document, and then to heat-map the map using data from tables on the webpage.

OmniJS Link as an Object Action

This video demonstrates how an OmniJS link copied from a page on this website, can be assigned to an object as an action.

Integrating OmniJS with the Workflow App

Using OmniJS and the Workflow app on iOS to create a new textbox in an OmniGraffle document with the contents of the clipboard selected in the Notes application. View the OmniJS Workflow webpage for more examples.

Transfer Webpage Table Data to Document

OmniJS in a webpage enables the data to be extracted from a table on the webpage into the current OmniGraffle document:


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