A great scripting implementation would be unusable without the tools to create the scripts, actions, libraries, and plugins integrated into Omni suite of applications for macOS and iOS. That is why every Omni application has a built-in script console in which you can develop, test, and execute your OmniJS JavaScript scripts.

For example, the following animation shows use of the console in OmniGraffle for macOS:

And here’s example of using the console (without an external keyboard) in OmniGraffle for iOS:

Web Console

A powerful feature of OmniJS scripting is its ability to integrate with applications and webpages through the use of specialized URLs. To make it easier for you to compose, execute, and integrate your scripts in web-based environments, like iOS, this website provides a web console that you can access from both your iOS and macOS devices.

Here’s the same example script as shown in the iOS console video above, but using the web-console:

The “Copy as JavaScript” Command

Here’s a fantastic way to quickly learn how to create objects and adjust the values of their properties: just ask Omni!

While an object(s) is selected, choose “Copy as JavaScript” from the Edit menu (macOS). The OmniJS script for creating the object will be placed on the clipboard. Paste into the application’s Console, a Web Console, or a text editor to view the step-by-step procedure for re-creating the object. Very instructive!


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