Welcome to OMNI-AUTOMATION.COM, a resource for information about the new automation support in the apps from The Omni Group.

By default, all of the macOS versions of the Omni applications offer robust integrated AppleScript and JavaScript (JXA)* support for Apple Events scripting on the Mac. These excellent automation tools will continue to be integrated into every macOS version of Omni software.

And in addition, the Omni Group now offers integrated cross-platform JavaScript support for both the iOS and macOS versions of their popular productivity applications. Finally, the power of automation is available regardless of whether you use Omni tools on mobile devices, laptops, or desktops.

Here’s the link to the Omni Group Forums with the announcement and download links.


OmniJS, the name for Omni’s new version of the JavaScript language, is based on JavaScript Core, the foundation of the JavaScript implementation in WebKit. Using OmniJS, the Omni Group suite of applications will be able to be queried and controlled on both iOS and macOS in ways similar to how they are automated today using the traditional macOS Apple Event-based scripts.

OmniJS delivers the power of cross-platform scripting in a variety of ways:

It sure is an exciting time to use Omni software!

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Script Code

This website contains many example OmniJS scripts for you to use as is or as starting points in creating your own scripts. Example scripts are usually displayed in highlighted blocks with line numbers beginning each line of the script. In addition, a script sometimes contains one or more buttons for running the script, copying the script text to the clipboard, or copying the script link to the clipboard (see below).

EXAMPLE SCRIPT · Create a blue circle with a red 12-point border on the canvas of the frontmost OmniGraffle document.

var aRect = new Rect(100,100,200,200) var aFillColor = Color.RGB(0, 0, 1, 1) var aStrokeColor = Color.RGB(1, 0, 0, 1) var aShape = canvases[0].addShape('Circle',aRect) aShape.strokeThickness = 12 aShape.locked = false aShape.fillColor = aFillColor aShape.strokeColor = aStrokeColor

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* JavaScript for Automation (JXA) is an OSA (Open Scripting Architecture) script language in macOS. Introduced in OS X Yosemite, JXA is a peer of the AppleScript language and as such has access to all macOS scriptable apps, frameworks, and native UNIX utilities. Here are links to the JXA Release Notes and a 23-minute training video.


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