Omni Automation in OmniPlan

omniplan-iosThank you for choosing OmniPlan as your companion on the path to better project management. The app you’re about to explore is packed full of tools that handle the heavy lifting, number crunching, and visualization of your projects so you’re free to focus on the stuff that matters. With OmniPlan 3.13 we’ve carefully reconsidered every piece of the app from the inspectors to the Gantt chart to make it both more powerful and easier to use, and added support for Omni Automation as well.

OmniPlan is ready to support, organize, and track your project’s progress whenever and wherever you need it—both on your Mac, and beyond. On iPhone and iPad, OmniPlan for iOS offers up-to-the-minute project editing, review, and presentation.

The following sections contain information and examples of how the Omni Automation scripting support in OmniPlan can be used to automate many of the tasks you perform in this versitile application. Enjoy!

The Omni Automation example demonstrated in the video above, is explained in detail here.


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