Omni Automation Tutorial for OmniOutliner macOS

Welcome to the Omni Automation tutorial for OmniOutliner macOS!

This documentation is designed to provide you with an interactive tour of Omni Automation integration in OmniOutliner for macOS. You will be presented with detailed explanations and code examples in a step-by-step process of learning the basics of Omni Automation in OmniOutliner.



To maximize the readability of this documentation tap the Omni Automation banner at the top of this page to toggle the display of the sidebar view.

Let’s Begin

Begin this tutorial by closing any open OmniOutliner documents, and opening a new empty outline by selecting the Blank template of the Miscellaneous category in the Resource Browser window (File > Resource Browser)(⇧⌘N), and pressing the New Outline button at the bottom right of the dialog:

The OmniOutliner template picker

A new blank outline with a single selected entry will be opened.

A new blank outline with a single selected entry

What’s Next?

You are now ready to begin the tutorial by selecting the Console link from the navigation menu.


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