Omni Automation Plugins: Canvas Tools

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Canvas Tools is a Plug-In for OmniGraffle, containing a collection of actions for manipulating canvases in an OmniGraffle document.

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The individual actions included in this Plug-In:

Move to Top
Move the current canvas to the top of the stack of canvases
Move to Bottom
Move the current canvas to the bottom of the stack of canvases
Size to Printer Setup
Resize the current canvas to match the printer setup page size
Swap Dimensions
Set the height of the current canvas to its width, and the canvas width to its height
Copy Sizing Parameters to All
Copy the size, sizing mode, and auto-sizing parameters of the current canvas to every canvas.
Delete All Except Current
Delete every canvas except for the current canvas
Rename in Current Order
Rename all canvases to the default name, starting from the top. For example: “Canvas 1” “Canvas 2” “Canvas 3” etc.
Add Canvas for Every Month
Add 12 new canvases, each named for a month of the year. For example: “January” “February” “March” etc.
Sort by Name
Sort all canvases by name is ascending order.

CanvasLib Functions

The handlers of the CanvasLib library included in this Plug-In:


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