Calendars & Events

OmniPlan is all about tracking how resources are used to accomplish tasks over time. And the most common mechanism for representing an extended period of time is through the use of a calendar.

In terms of the scripting architecture of OmniPlan, calendars are components of schedules, and every object that has a schedule (projects and resources) also has a default calendar object as well. With resources, the project schedule is used if there are no custom events or time allocations for the resource.

With Omni Automation in OmniPlan, scripts can not create calendars or the events they display. However, scripts can access information about an object’s calendar and its events and use that information in performing automation tasks.

To access an object’s calendar, include a reference to the object’s inherit schedule.

rsc = actual.resource("Bob Jones") if(rsc){ calNames =>{return}) }

Calendar Instance Properties

Here are the properties of an instance of the Calendar class:

CalendarEvent Instance Properties

Here are the properties of an instance of the CalendarEvent class:

Events for Specified Resource

As with calendars, calendar events cannot be created with scripts, but data about them can be gathered. The following example script demonstrates how to log information about all of the events for a specified resource.

rsc = actual.resource("Bob Jones") if(rsc){ console.log("Events for " + cals = rsc.schedule.calendars cals.forEach((cal)=>{ calEvents = calEvents.forEach((event)=>{ eventTitle = + ": " + event.title eventStart = event.start.toString() eventEnd = event.end.toString() console.log(eventTitle + "\n\t" + eventStart + "\n\t" + eventEnd) }) }) }

In the example shown in the illustration below, the staff (resource) calendar contains two events: the early event (blue shape scheduled @ 7AM) is created in OmniPlan, and the late event (blue shape scheduled @ 6PM) is subscribed from the Project calendar in Calendar application.


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