Plug-In: Add to Obsidian

(Requires OmniFocus 4.x)

A plug-in for working with the Obsidian note-taking application.

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This plug-in creates a new note in the indicated vault within the Obsidian application containing the title and note of the selected OmniFocus project or task. Link-backs are inserted into both the Obsidian note and the OmniFocus task/project note, so navigating between the applications is easy. Also, the link-backs work even if the note is renamed!

In addition, there is a plug-in preference for adding the assigned task tags to the created Obsidian note.

(⬇ see below ) The task in OmniFocus:

OmniFocus Task

(⬇ see below ) The task as a note in Obsidian:

New note in Obsidian

Setting the Plug-In Preferences

Since Obsidian uses vaults, the title of the targeted vault is stored as a plug-in preference. To set the preference, select the plug-in from the Automation menu while holding down the Control key. A prompt for entering the title of the target Obsidian vault will appear. Once the preference has been set, the vault will be targeted by the plug-in. To change the vault, access the preference and enter the title of the new targeted vault.

To include the assigned task tags with the created note, select the checkbox titled: Include OmniFocus tags with note

If you’ve installed the 3rd-party “Advanced Obsidian URI” Obsidian plug-in, select the corresponding checkbox to have the link-back inserted into the OmniFocus note adjusted accordingly to work with the Obsidian plug-in.

(⬇ see below ) The plug-in preferences dialog:

The plug-in preferences dialog

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Add to Obsidian

/*{ "type": "action", "targets": ["omnifocus"], "author": "Otto Automator", "identifier": "com.omni-automation.of.task-to-obsidian", "version": "2.4", "description": "Creates a corresponding note in the indicated Obsidian vault, for the selected task or project. Three is a preference for including the tags assigned to the task or project.", "label": "Add to Obsidian", "shortLabel": "Add to Obsidian", "paletteLabel": "Add to Obsidian", "image": "" }*/ (() => { const preferences = new Preferences() var shouldUseNoFormatting const action = new PlugIn.Action(async function(selection, sender){ try { if(app.userVersion.isBefore(new Version("4"))){ var shouldUseNoFormatting = true } else { var shouldUseNoFormatting = false } if (app.controlKeyDown){ var errorID = "A" vaultTitle = preferences.readString("vaultTitle") var vaultTitleInput = new Form.Field.String( "vaultTitle", null, vaultTitle, null ) shouldIncludeTagsValue = preferences.readBoolean("shouldIncludeTags") var includeTagsCheckbox = new Form.Field.Checkbox( "shouldIncludeTags", "Include OmniFocus tags with note", shouldIncludeTagsValue ) shouldRequireURIPluginValue = preferences.readBoolean("shouldRequireURIPlugin") var requireURIpluginCheckbox = new Form.Field.Checkbox( "shouldRequireURIPlugin", "Use with the “Advanced Obsidian URI” plug-in", shouldRequireURIPluginValue ) inputForm = new Form() inputForm.addField(vaultTitleInput) inputForm.addField(includeTagsCheckbox) inputForm.addField(requireURIpluginCheckbox) formPrompt = "Enter title of the existing Obsidian vault to use:" formObject = await,"Continue") newVaultTitle = formObject.values["vaultTitle"] newShowTags = formObject.values["shouldIncludeTags"] newshouldRequireURIPlugin = formObject.values["shouldRequireURIPlugin"] preferences.write("vaultTitle", newVaultTitle) preferences.write("shouldIncludeTags", newShowTags) preferences.write("shouldRequireURIPlugin", newshouldRequireURIPlugin) } else { var errorID = "B" var vaultTitle = preferences.readString("vaultTitle") if(!vaultTitle || vaultTitle === ""){ throw { name: "Undeclared Vault Preference", message: "A default Obsidian vault has not yet been indicated for this plug-in.\n\nRun this plug-in again, while holding down the Control key, to summon the preferences dialog." } } console.log("Pref-vaultTitle: ", vaultTitle) var shouldIncludeTags = preferences.readBoolean("shouldIncludeTags") if(!shouldIncludeTags){shouldIncludeTags = false} console.log("Pref-shouldIncludeTags: ", shouldIncludeTags) var shouldRequireURIPlugin = preferences.readBoolean("shouldRequireURIPlugin") if(!shouldRequireURIPlugin){shouldRequireURIPlugin = false} console.log("Pref-shouldRequireURIPlugin: ", shouldRequireURIPlugin) item = selection.databaseObjects[0] itemID = itemLink = `omnifocus:///task/${itemID}` itemTitle = itemNote = item.note mdLink = `[(OmniFocus Link)](${itemLink})` encodedLink = encodeURIComponent(mdLink) encodedTitle = encodeURIComponent(itemTitle) encodedNote = encodeURIComponent(itemNote) encodedVaultTitle = encodeURIComponent(vaultTitle) encodedTags = null if(shouldIncludeTags && item.tags.length > 0){ tagTitles = => tagArrayStr = `[${tagTitles.join(", ")}]` YAMLheader = `---\nid: ${itemID}\ntags: ${tagArrayStr}\n---` } else { YAMLheader = `---\nid: ${itemID}\n---` } encodedHeader = encodeURIComponent(YAMLheader) if(shouldRequireURIPlugin){ searchLinkStr = `obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=${encodedVaultTitle}&uid=${itemID}` } else { searchLinkStr = `obsidian://search?vault=${encodedVaultTitle}&query=${itemID}` } console.log("Search URL: ", searchLinkStr) if(shouldUseNoFormatting){ item.note = searchLinkStr + "\n\n" + item.note } else { noteObj = item.noteText linkURL = URL.fromString(searchLinkStr) linkObj = new Text("(Obsidian Link)", newLineObj = new Text("\n", style = linkObj.styleForRange(linkObj.range) style.set(Style.Attribute.Link, linkURL) noteObj.insert(noteObj.start, linkObj) noteObj.insert(linkObj.range.end, newLineObj) } targetLink = `obsidian://new?vault=${encodedVaultTitle}&name=${encodedTitle}&content=${encodedHeader}%0A%0A${encodedLink}%0A%0A${encodedNote}` console.log("Create URL: ", targetLink) URL.fromString(targetLink).open() } } catch(err){ if(errorID !== "A"){ new Alert(, err.message).show() } } }); action.validate = function(selection, sender){ return ( selection.databaseObjects.length === 1 && selection.tasks.length === 1 || selection.projects.length === 1 ) }; return action; })();