Plug-In: Import TaskPaper Template (iCloud)

This plug-in will display a menu of TaskPaper templates stored within in the OmniFocus iCloud folder, and then import the chosen template.

INSTRUCTIONS: TaskPaper template files (ending in “.taskpaper”) must be stored in a folder titled “TaskPaper Templates” you create within the default OmniFocus iCloud folder. When selected, the plug-in will scan the folder and present a menu/list of the found template files. Select the TaskPaper template to be imported and select the desired import destination, either Inbox or Projects.


IMPORTANT: On a macOS device, the name of the home directory is required for the plug-in to correctly locate the folder “TaskPaper Templates” you created in the OmniFocus iCloud folder. The first time this plug-in is run, it will present a chooser dialog from which you select the Home directory. The plug-in will store the folder name and not ask again.


NOTE: If you want to reset the stored name, hold down the Control key before selecting this plug-in from the Automation menu.


*iCloudURL based upon idea by Marc A. Kastner. Thank you Marc!

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Import TaskPaper Template

/*{ "type": "action", "targets": ["omnifocus"], "author": "Otto Automator", "identifier": "com.omni-automation.of.import-icloud-taskpaper-template", "version": "2.1", "description": "This plug-in will present a menu of the TaskPaper files stored in iCloud > OmniFocus > TaskPaper Templates folder. The chosen template will be imported.", "label": "Import TaskPaper Template", "shortLabel": "TaskPaper", "paletteLabel": "TaskPaper", "image": "square.and.arrow.down.on.square" }*/ (() => { let preferences = new Preferences() const action = new PlugIn.Action(function(selection, sender){ // action code (async () => { // GENERATE URL FOR “TaskPaper Templates” FOLDER WITHIN THE CURRENT OMNI APP ICLOUD FOLDER if (Device.current.iOS){ var iCloudURL = "file:///private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile%20Documents/" } else if (Device.current.mac){ if (app.controlKeyDown){ let alertMessage = "Reset the stored user name?" let alert = new Alert("Confirmation Required", alertMessage) alert.addOption("Reset") alert.addOption("Cancel") let buttonIndex = await alert.show() if (buttonIndex === 0){ preferences.remove("userName") } } var currentUserName = preferences.readString("userName") if(!currentUserName){ let alertTitle = "1st-Run Setup" let alertMessage = "This plug-in scans for TaskPaper templates with a “.taskpaper” extension, stored in a “TaskPaper Templates” folder placed by you within the OmniFocus folder on your iCloud drive.\n\nIn the forthcoming chooser dialog, please select your Home folder." await new Alert(alertTitle, alertMessage).show() let picker = new FilePicker() picker.folders = true picker.multiple = false let chosenFolderURL = await picker.show() chosenFolderURL = chosenFolderURL[0].string chosenFolderURL = chosenFolderURL.substring(8); let pathArray = chosenFolderURL.split('/') currentUserName = pathArray[1] preferences.write("userName", currentUserName) } var iCloudURL = `file:///Users/${currentUserName}/Library/Mobile%20Documents/` } let appName = app.name let lastSegment = `iCloud~com~omnigroup~${appName}/Documents/TaskPaper%20Templates/` let combinedURLstr = iCloudURL + lastSegment let sourceFolderURL = URL.fromString(combinedURLstr) // SEARCH THE DIRECTORY FOR MATCHING FILES let filetype = new TypeIdentifier.fromPathExtension("taskpaper", false) let searchResults = await sourceFolderURL.find([filetype], false) if (searchResults.length === 0){throw new Error("No files found.")} // DISPLAY MENU OF FILE NAMES let menuItems = searchResults.map(function(url){ let urlString = url.string let lastItem = urlString.substring(urlString.lastIndexOf('/') + 1) lastItem = lastItem.replace(/\.[^/.]+$/, "") // file extension return decodeURIComponent(lastItem) }) let menuIndexes = menuItems.map(function(item, index){return index}) let templateMenu = new Form.Field.Option( "template", null, menuIndexes, menuItems, 0 ) let destinations = ["Inbox", "Projects"] let destinationMenu = new Form.Field.Option( "destination", null, [0,1], destinations, 0 ) let inputForm = new Form() inputForm.addField(templateMenu) inputForm.addField(destinationMenu) let formPrompt = "Template and destination:" let buttonTitle = "Continue" let formObject = await inputForm.show(formPrompt, buttonTitle) // PROCESS FORM RESULTS let templateIndex = formObject.values['template'] let chosenURL = searchResults[templateIndex] let destinationIndex = formObject.values['destination'] let destination = destinations[destinationIndex].toLowerCase() // PROCESS CHOSEN FILE chosenURL.fetch(function(data){ let TaskPaperText = data.toString() TaskPaperText = encodeURIComponent(TaskPaperText) let urlStr = `omnifocus:///paste?target=${destination}&content=${TaskPaperText}` URL.fromString(urlStr).open() }) })().catch(err => { new Alert(err.name, err.message).show() console.error(err) }) }); action.validate = function(selection, sender){ // validation code // selection options: tasks, projects, folders, tags, databaseObjects, allObjects return true }; return action; })();