Craft eXtension: Log Selection Data to OmniFocus Console

A very useful tool for eXtension developers, this Craft extension will log the data of the Craft selection to the OmniFocus console as formatted JSON.

(⬇ see below ) The data of the current Craft selection as formatted JSON:

OmniFocus Console

The Craft eXtension File

Download the eXtension file and install by clicking the plus (+) button in the eXtensions pane in the current document window.


JavaScript Script in HTML Page

This script, placed inside the button handler, extracts the current Craft selection data and constructs and Omni Automation script URL to send it to OmniFocus to display in the Console.

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Script URL for Sending Content Data to OmniFocus

btn.addEventListener("click", async () => { try { // GET THE CURRENT SELECTION result = await craft.editorApi.getSelection() if (result.status !== "success") { throw new Error(result.message) } else { var selectionData = result.data } // FUNCTION TO BE EXECUTED BY OMNIFOCUS function logToOmniFocusConsole(passedData){ console.log(JSON.stringify(passedData, null, 2)) } // CREATE FUNCTION AND CONTENT STRINGS contentString = JSON.stringify(selectionData) encodedContent = encodeURIComponent(contentString) functionString = logToOmniFocusConsole.toString() encodedFunction = encodeURIComponent(functionString) // CREATE SCRIPT URL url = 'omnifocus://localhost/omnijs-run?script=' + '%28' + encodedFunction + '%29' + '%28' + 'argument' + '%29' + '&arg=' + encodedContent // EXECUTE THE URL await craft.editorApi.openURL(url) } catch(err){ throw `${err.name}\n${err.message}` } });