Omni Elements as “Craft-Compatible” Markdown

The use of Markdown as a commonality between the Omni applications and Craft can be most useful. Note however that there are some important differences, discussed later in this documentation.

Supported Markdown in Craft

The Craft application supports a number of markdown style shortcuts (LINK). Supported elements are:

Full Block Commands

NOTE: The toggle/checkbox (to do) combination control +[x] (found in OmniFocus and OmniOutliner) is not supported in Craft.

Inline Commands

Representing OmniFocus Elements as Markdown

In copying data objects between Omni applications and Craft, it may be useful to represent such objects or elements as markdown text. For example, here is an illustration of an OmniFocus project or task group:

Basic Project or Task Group

Note the highlighted area containing both the circular checkbox and disclosure triangle controls. This combination is supported in both OmniOutliner and in OmniFocus.

IMPORTANT: there is no equivalent for this combination of controls in the Craft application. Therefore there is currently no supported markdown for such a control, such as: + [x]

As an alternative, here is an approximation of the Omni element expressed in “Craft-compatible” markdown:

Markdown Simulation of Omni Element

+ # Project or Task Group Title This is a note for project or task group. - [ ] ### First Task This is a note for the first task. - [ ] ### Second Task This is a note for the second task. - [ ] ### Third Task This is a note for the third task.

When pasted into a Craft document, the markdown is translated into:

Translated markdown in Craft

You can then optionally use text colorization or styling as a means of indicating competition of the element:

Completed element in Craft