Omni Automation Console

Every Omni application* provides a JavaScript console in which Omni Automation scripts can be written, edited, and run. This section describes how to access the console and adjust its appearance settings.

* Currently, Omni Automaton support is included with OmniGraffle.

The Automation Menu

Access to the JavaScript console is available through the application’s Automation menu, which on macOS, appears as the “Automation” menu item in the application menu bar.

DO THIS ► Click the Automation menu item to reveal the Automation menu:


By default, the Automation menu contains these menu items:

DO THIS ► Tap the Automation Console menu item to summon the console window.

The iOS default console window

By default, the console window displays with a background color of white, with the regular type size setting.

DO THIS ► Select the Dark theme and the Large font size from the Console Theme sub-menu.

The macOS console window set to dark background with large text

DO THIS ► You’ve completed the setup of the Omni Automation console. Click the red button at the top left to close the console window.

Now that the console has been setup, let’s create an object and learn how to manipulate the value of its properties by tapping Object and Properties in the navigation view at the top right of this window.


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