Omni Automation iOS Tutorial: Object

Next, we’ll explore using the console to create and manipulate an OmniGraffle object.

DO THIS ► In a new blank OmniGraffle document, tap the shape drawing tool on the toolbar to make it the active tool:

blank OmniGraffle document

DO THIS ► Create a new rectangle by tapping on the document canvas and dragging downward to the right.

blank OmniGraffle document

If the shape is not selected (showing editing handles), tap it once more to select it.

DO THIS ► Summon the floating Editing Options Bar by tapping the selected box once more.

blank OmniGraffle document

On this bar are buttons for triggering commands for: Cut, Copy, Select All, Delete, Duplicate, and Lock. At the end of the bar is a right-arrow icon to reveal more editing options.

DO THIS ► Tap the right-arrow on the tool bar to reveal more commands, and select the option titled Copy as JavaScript.

More editing opitons

When the Copy as JavaScript option is selected, the Omni Automation code necessary for recreating the selected object will be placed on the clipboard.

DO THIS ► Finally, remove the rectangle from the canvas by tapping the rectangle to summon the Editing Options Bar, and then select the button titled Delete.

The delete button on tool bar

The canvas should now be empty.


Next, we’ll examine using Omni Automation to create an object and manipulate its properties. Tap Recreate Shape in the navigation view at the top right of the screen.


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