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var cnvs = document.windows[0].selection.canvas var dataKey = 'SKU' var fileExtension = 'JPG' var keyValues = new Array() for(i = 0; i < cnvs.graphics.length; i++){ aGraph = cnvs.graphics[i] aValue = aGraph.getUserData(dataKey) if(aValue != null){keyValues.push(aValue)} } var valCount = keyValues.length if(valCount == 0){ new Alert('MISSING DATA KEYS','No graphics are assigned the data key:\n\n\t' + dataKey).show(function(result){throw new Error('script cancelled')}) } else { fldrURL = URL.chooseFolder() if (fldrURL == null){throw new Error('user cancelled')} fldrURLstr = fldrURL.string for (i = 0; i < valCount; i++) { var keyValue = keyValues[i] aStr = fldrURLstr + keyValue + '.' + fileExtension fileURL = URL.fromString(aStr) fileURL.fetch((function(keyValue, data) { aGraph = cnvs.graphicWithUserDataForKey(keyValue, dataKey) aGraph.image = addImage(data) }).bind(this, keyValue)) } }

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