Installing Omni Automation Plugins

Omni Automation Plug-Ins and solitary actions are designed to be easily installed and accessed. The following documentation details how to add Omni Automation Plug-Ins to your applications, on both macOS and iOS.

Installing Plug-Ins on macOS

On macOS, Omni Automation Plug-Ins are installed by placing their files within the designated application support folders for each Omni application. To open an Omni application’s PlugIns folder, select “Plug-Ins…” from the application’s Automation menu (see below):

The Automation Menu

…and the PlugIns folder for the application will be opened on the desktop (see below). Place Omni Automation Plug-In bundles  1  and Omni Automation solitary action files  2  in this folder.

NOTE: Plug-In bundles have a file extension of “the name of Omni application” combined with “js” (.omnigrafflejs, .omnioutlinerjs, etc.), while solitary action files have a file extension of “.omnijs” (see below)

The Automation Menu

Once installed, Omni Automation Plug-Ins will display as sub-menus  1  and solitary actions will display as a single menu item  2  (see below)

The Automation Menu

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