A Project represents the main contents of an OmniPlan Document and is used as the global object in any scripting session that is related to a particular document.

Instance Properties

Here are the instance properties of the Project class:

A Project represents the contents of an OmniPlan document, and when writing scripts that target the content of the current document, the project becomes the topmost object, providing properties whose values are references to the scenarios (actual and baselines) the project contains.

In the following example, all three syntax variations are valid, but in practice, the sole property name “actual” is commonly used to represent the current instance of the Scenario class:

The same applies to the “title” property as well:

Instance Functions

Here are the functions that can be called on an instance of the Project class:

As with project properties, the use project functions may assume the top-level status of the Project class, and be entered without preface:

targetScenario = baselineNamed("Alternate Baseline") if(targetScenario){ // processing statements go here }

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